Lindy classes

Day & Time : Wednesdays 7.30 pm - 10.30 pm

Venue:  St Michael's Church Hall, corner of Banbury Road & Portland Road, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7EZ. Map

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced dancer, we have a class to suit you. If in doubt, come along at 7.30pm to meet us, warm up and get ready to join in classes from 7.45pm. Later in the evening you'll have an opportunity to practise what you've learnt to some great Swing music until 10.30pm - have a cuppa and chat with new friends.

Click on a class for a brief description to help you choose the right level for you.

Beginners Class

Intermediate class

Jazz Steps & Strolls

Lindy Variations


Cost: £6 for the evening / £5 concessions - or ask about our Swing Pass.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR FIRST TIMERS: don't forget to ask for your introductory voucher which entitles you to FREE entry next time.

  Times (pm) Upper Hall Lower Hall
  7.30 Doors open & registration
  7.45 Warm up
  8.00 Beginners class  
  8.15   Intermediate class
  8.45 Practice  
  9.00 Jazz steps & Strolls Lindy Variations (finish at 9.45)
  9.30 Social time!
  10.30 Doors close  

Beginners Class

If you're new to Lindy Hop or you've never voluntarily set foot on a dance floor before, we suggest you start with the Beginners course. This consists of three modules of 4 weeks with fun and easy moves designed to get you out onto the dance floor as soon as possible with a big smile on your face. Including basic dance techniques, this class gives you a solid grounding for when you move up to Intermediates.

The modules run consecutively and are suitable for anyone from complete beginners to those who want to refresh or refine their basic moves. You can start at the beginning of any module - all we ask is that you complete the full set at least once and are confident with all the moves before moving up to Intermediate level. You can repeat modules as many times as you like - everyone learns at a different pace so take your time - you're in control! For the next course dates go to  Latest News page.

Intermediate class

This is where we get to the nitty gritty of Swing.  The fundamental core moves of Lindy are covered using some more advanced techniques to help you to be a considerate dance partner - this is team work after all!  You should complete all the Beginners modules at least once to be comfortable at this level - if in doubt ask us!

Jazz Steps & Strolls

Suitable for all levels,  this class  will give you an excellent grounding in movement and solo dance technique.  We cover all the standard steps and strolls and show you how you can spice up your moves with a little bit of Jazz  ...

Lindy Variations

Now we're into the hard core!  To make the most of this level, we expect you to be fully confident with the core moves of Lindy (both 6 and 8 beat) and Charleston basics so we can introduce some fabulous Variations into your dancing.   We don't teach any basics at this level  so this class is not suitable for Beginners or new Intermediates.  Not sure if you're ready?  Please ask our advice.

Social dancing

For ALL levels. The quickest way to learn is to get up and dance so this is your chance to have a go in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere - and you'll have enough knowledge right from your very first class. Have fun!

Balboa classes

Day and time : Mondays 7.15 pm - 10.30 pm

Venue : New Marston Pastoral Centre (behind church), corner of Marston Road & Jack Straw's Lane, Oxford OX3 0DL. Map

As with our Lindy classes you can start classes at any time during the term but if you're a complete beginner, we recommend you arrive at 7.15pm so we can introduce you to the basic rhythms.  You can then join in the Basics class with confidence.  Alternatively, why not book a private session with us (see below) and fast track your Balboa?

Basics class

This covers the basic moves in Pure Bal and Bal Swing, focusing on good technique and partner skills so that you can step out onto the dance floor with the minimum of moves and feel at one with the music.

Intermediate class

Here's where we start to bring in some more complicated moves and footwork variations.  If you're not sure if you're quite ready for this you can always have a go on the side.

Social dancing

For ALL levels.  The quickest way to learn is to get up and dance so this is your chance to have a go in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere - and you'll have enough knowledge right from your very first class.   Have fun!

Cost: £6 for the evening / £5 concessions - or ask about our Swing Pass offer.

  Times (pm) Main Hall
  7.15 Doors open / Absolute beginners
  7.30 Warm up - all levels
  7.45 Basic class
  8.30 Practise, tea, coffee & chat
  8.45 Intermediate Class
  9.30 Practise, tea, coffee & chat
  10.30 Doors close

What to wear?

Clothes - as for Lindy. Shoes - you'll find turns easier if you have smooth soled shoes which slide easily. Ladies, a heel is better but not essential if you have back problems or other health issues. And, remember, Balboa is a close dance!

Private Classes

Open to all levels and abilities, this is a great way to progress your dancing in either Lindy or Balboa.  With  one-to-one tuition for a whole hour, this is an opportunity to focus on your individual needs as a dancer and help you with anything that you'd like to improve on (dancewise of course!).  It really can make a difference so why not give it a go?

Private classes are held on occasional Sunday evenings at The Coach House in Headington (unless arranged otherwise).  Places are limited to 4 to ensure individual attention and are open to singles or couples.   If you're interested in booking, please contact us or have a chat after classes on a Monday or Wednesday.  

Price: £18 per person per hour (£15 for regular members of Monday or Wednesday classes).   Payment in advance.

Wedding Dances / Birthday surprise!

We're also available for demonstrations, one-off group taster classes or we can choreograph a routine for special occasions.  Please contact us to discuss details and prices.

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